it’s 2.30 am time to get started on homework

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Y’know seeing all of these beautiful artists this past weekend was surreal it was insane, being so close to fame. It made my heart swell in ways I haven’t felt in awhile, but I realized a lot about myself, and about those around me. we consist of the same fibers, the same dust and water. These bodies move me to tears with their words. I just feel very in love with life tonight, very hopeful, very hopeful to leave this town. I’m destined for greatness. I heard it every day growing up, I should listen

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i can’t save the world. my sun will die eventually. one convenient part of being creative and well-resourced in life though, is that you can make a point to never be bored. oh and you can seclude yourself from the voices of fools. if you love me… when i’m done, let me vibrate in peace.

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aren’t you happy you were born?
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bloggin photos of the rainforests and the deep sea but you never been wild.
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